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Lease Financing Available
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Low Cost Tire Changing Equipment Now Available
Looking for an inexpensive option for changing tires, Click here
New Cordless, Rechargeable, 30 LED Work Light
The revolutionary new rechargeable work light is bright but cool. Click here to see how the Freedom Lite can make your life easier.
New Dual Purpose, Fender Cover/Lift Protective Safety Pad
The versatile new Lift Jacket protects both your head and your customers car. Click here to see how the Lift Jacket can help you.
New, HIGH PROFIT, item for repair shops!
The Fast-Flush coolant X-Change is fast, easy to use, and very affordable. To see the new Fast-Flush machine, click here.

Affordable Abrasive/Glass Bead/Sand Blast Cabinet
A full size, free standing blast cabinet is now available for under $300!
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Closeouts and Special Promotions periodically comes across manufacturers equipment promotions that are to good to ignore.

Items shown in this part of our website are just such products. These items include closeouts, scratch & dent product, or short term promotions that manufacturers run to meet sales quotas. Most items are sold on a first come, first serve basis or have strict time limits. Check this section of our website for details.

If you would like to be placed on our closeout & special promotion mailing list, please e-mail us at e-mail:

Available Now But Not On The Website
  • Automotive Lift Jackets/Fender Covers
  • Rust Buster On-The-Car Sand Blaster
  • Brake Washers
  • Used equipment

We are always adding equipment to our product line, therefore this site is constantly under construction.  If you need a piece of shop equipment that is not listed, please call us at (800) 466-5488 or e-mail us at  We have many sources of supply and we will save you money on any piece of equipment you need.

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