Vacufill is a unique 3 in 1 cooling system machine. It is a drain and fill machine, a cooling system leak tester, and an airlock removal system. All in one low cost unit!


Vacufill is the most economical way to drain, fill, and test cooling systems. Check out these advantages;

  • Simple hookup. Hose cutting and tees are not required.
  • Airlock problems eliminated using vacuum technology to remove air trapped in system.
  • Rapid drain and fill.
  • Premix water and antifreeze.
  • Air operated to eliminate potential for electrical shock.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Low cost.

The Vacufill works by attaching to the radiator fill neck. It removes the coolant by creating a vacuum and sucking out the antifreeze. The vacuum created in the system is then used to refill the cooling system.

  If you perform cooling system service, Vacufill will benefit your business. It will generate good profits from "drain and fill" service and it will assist your technicians by locating cooling system leaks. In addition, comebacks and engine problems associated with airlock problems will be gone forever.

Dealer price for the Vacufill is $1,272.96. Your cost from is just $779.69 plus shipping (UPS shippable).

Please call (800) 466-5488 or e-mail us at for information on how the Vacufill can help your business.

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