Optical headlight aimer from Lujan USA Sniper optical headlight aimer  

The SNIPER Optical Headlight Aimer

  The SNIPER is a low cost, professional model optical headlight aimer for cars, sport utility vehicles and light trucks.  

The SNIPER advantages

    • Easy to operate
    • Not affected by dirt, duct, or overspray, perfect for body shops
    • Low cost
    • No track required
    • No electronics
    • Designed for SAE J599 & J600
    • Aim all headlights
    • Easy to move around the shop, like a hand truck
    • Simple pointer system for positioning to vehicle
    • Gun sight type alignment to vehicle
    • 10 year extended warranty available

Operation is as easy as counting to three

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The heavy duty SNIPER is constructed with a metal base, mast, and aimer head! Since the light is visually aimed, it can not become obsolete like other aimers.

Approved for state inspections in CA, NC, PA, NH, and all other states that do not require an electronic aimer.

Sniper optical headlight aimer

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  Do to the conversion of auto manufacturers to aerodynamic headlights. Virtually all of todays vehicles require an optical headlight aimer to properly aim the headlights.

Many states require that headlight aim is checked as part of their annual vehicle safety inspection. Some facilities violate state laws and put their shops at risk of reprimand or loss of license by ignoring headlight aim during these inspections.

Buyersgroup.com highly recommends the SNIPER as a cost effective, top quality tool. It is perfect for body shops, inspection facilities, repair shops, truck repair businesses, motorcycle shops, and anyone else who aims headlights, fog lights or driving lights.

Contact us today for more information on how a Sniper optical headlight aimer can help your business.

Normal dealer price for the Sniper 5405 is $899.00. Your internet cost is just $649.00.
In addition, we provide a 10 year extended warranty, a $99.00 value for FREE.

Call us today at (800) 466-5488 for more information.


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