We currently carry two lines of tire changers. All of these tire machines use rim clamp design for damage free tire changing. Please choose the machine that best suits your businesses needs. Factors to consider are the size of tires you work on, the frequency of operation, the types of tires you work on, and the amount of money you have to spend.

Tireworks / SICE
SICE, (pronounced "see-chay") is a premium tire equipment manufacturer. You probably have not heard of SICE. However, SICE is an Italian manufacturer that has been making top quality tire equipment for almost 40 years, they are a world leader in tire equipment. Until now, their machines have been sold under the private branding of major US equipment companies. Now their state of the art equipment is available directly to you as Tireworks/SICE USA equipment.

SICE provides equipment for changing even the most difficult, high performance tires. Their run flat machine use a unique power operated centering system, press down rollers, lifting disks, and an adjustable, articulated mounting arm. They have accessories for mounting low profile, run flat, PAX, and EMT tires & wheels.

SICE is truly a world leader in tire changing equipment design and technology. Their equipment is extremely durable, highly reliable and will give you years of trouble free service.

Click here for more information on the SICE tire changing equipment.

Economy Tire Machines
Now available! Super affordable, high quality tire changing equipment. These machines have all of the features of higher priced brand name machines. They are imported machines and we work directly with the importer to completely eliminate the middle man. The tremendous cost savings are passed on to you!

Click here for more information on our Economy line of tire changers.

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