Freedom Lite LED Worklight


The Freedom Lite is a revolutionary new cordless, rechargeable 30-LED worklight

The new Freedom Lite from UView provides a solution to an age old problem for technicians, the hassle of power cords on work lights. The Freedom Lite supplies a powerful 30 LED light array that puts the light where you need it, without the heat of conventional lights and without the hassle of a traditional power cord.

The Freedom Lite eliminates these hassles
No cord means NO searching for an open electrical outlet, NO worries about fan belts & pulleys rubbing on the cord, NO worries about the cord getting caught in a belt, NO concern about the cord dragging dirt and oil on to a car seat or carpet, NO concerns about the cord scratching a fender, NO worries about the length of the cord, NO hassles with cord reels not working, and NO concern about the cord falling into a pan full of oil or anti freeze. You no longer need to fight power cords to get light where you need it.

  • Cordless operation
  • Rechargeable so you are not constantly replacing batteries like a flashlight
  • LED's provide light without the heat, it won't burn you or melt a carpet
  • 30 bulbs means you are not left in the dark if one goes out
  • Long lasting, up to 8 hours of operation between recharges
  • Compact size lets you put light exactly where you need it
  • Durable, impact absorbing housing is built tough for your shop environment
  • The included Smart Charger is powerful enough to operate light if you need it yet will not overcharge the batteries
Freedom Lite 30 LED Work Light

The revolutionary Freedom Lite makes your life easier. It provides the light of a traditional work light with the convenience of a flashlight.
Call us today to put the Freedom Lite to work for you.

Freedom Lite LED Work Light
Freedom Lite LED Work Light
Freedom Lite LED Work Light

Dealer price $152.00, your internet cost just $96.20


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