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  Due to increasing cost and reduced availability of R12, some service people have used chemicals other than R12 in auto a/c systems.

Known substitutes range from R22 and "other alternative refrigerants", to flammable chemicals such as propane and butane. The resulting damage from these "substitutes" can be a/c equipment damage, a/c system damage, fire, explosion, or personal injury from flammable gases.

To protect yourself from these potential problems, it is advisable to check all systems for the integrity of the refrigerant prior to service. This requires a refrigerant identifier.
    Many R134a systems do not cool efficiently due to excessive air in the system. Air can come from poor service techniques or from inadequate evacuation. To diagnose this type of problem, you must have an analyzer that can determine the percentage of air in the system. The Viper Verifier provides that capability.  

Viper Verifier


Refrigerant Identifier  
  • Flammable alarm
  • Displays percentage of air
  • Displays Percentages of R12, R134a, and other gases
  • Made in USA
  • Built-in filter protects identifier
  • 1 year warranty


Dealer Price... $2,048.69 Jobber Price... $1,536.52 Internet Price... 1,299.83

    Available as a hand carry portable, an add-on panel for Viper machines, or bolt-on for existing a/c equipment.  

Viper ID Jr

Viper refrigerant identifier, Viper ID JR
  • Hand carry portable
  • Tests R12 & R134a only
  • Displays % of air
  • 12 volt power required using battery clips
  • Pass-fail limit 98%
  • Built-in filter protects identifier
  • Made in USA
  • 1 year warranty
Dealer Price... $1,495.50 Jobber Price... $1,121.63 Internet Price... $839.00

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