Omni Waste Oil Furnaces Provide Free Heat!

Omni Waste Oil Heaters


OMNI Waste Oil Heater

  Omni waste oil heaters recycle your waste oil liability into free heat. With an Omni furnace you can eliminate your normal costs of heating, avoid the E.P.A. liabilities of handling and storage, and eliminate waste removal costs.

The Omni waste oil heater is an industry leader with such standard features as a stainless steel heat exchanger, built-in air compressor, thermostatic operation, and our patented "Flame Control System". Our high efficiency heaters require very little maintenance and provide years of trouble free heat.

OMNI Advantages

Recycle Waste Oil Today!!!

Waste Oil

Lets Recycle It !!!
  • Stainless Steel Chamber Standard With Omni Waste Oil Heater

High grade, 16 gauge, stainless steel is the longest lasting, most durable material available for high temp applications. Other manufacturers use lower cost materials and try to compensate with thicker walls of inferior steel.

  • Omni Burns Fuels From 90 Weight Gear Oil to Fuel Oils

Omni's patented combination of oil preheat and oil flow control allow you to burn a wider range of fuel than other waste oil furnaces.

  • Long Burn Path Provides High Efficiency and Eliminates the Need for a Target Wall

Omni waste oil burners are up to 85% efficient. Our long burn path eliminates the need for target walls which must be replaced constantly due to their direct exposure to the burner flame.

  • Built In Air Compressor

Omni includes an oil-less compressor as standard equipment. Our compressor requires no maintenance and allows the unit to be operated 24 hr./day without an external air supply. We completely eliminate the risk of burning out your shop air compressor if an air line ruptures.

  • State of the Art, Solid State Oil Preheat

Omni's patented system provides consistent oil temperature and viscosity to the burner. Our solid state controls allow only a three degree variance in oil temperature and never need adjustment! This results in the most thorough, clean, and consistent burn available.

  • Patented Oil Flow System Controls Fuel by Volume

Omni's patented flow control system regulates fuel by volume. Conventional waste oil burners use a preset pump and control fuel delivery with a fuel regulator which must be adjusted to compensate for varying oil temperature or viscosity.

  • Low Maintenance

Omni heaters burn so clean that they require virtually no maintenance. Our patented oil preheat system eliminates the need for routine clean out of carbon in heat block and our full access cleanout panel provides easy access to the entire inside of heat exchanger and combustion chamber. Be careful of other manufacturers who provide only limited direct access, or require clean out of chambers that are to small to reach by hand.

  • 10 Year Warranty

Omni waste oil furnaces are so reliable that they are backed by a 10 year limited warranty.

  • All Models Are UL Tested for Safety

All models are UL listed for your safety. Don't settle for anything less.

  • Made In USA

The secret to Omni's reliability and efficiency is our

patented "Flame Control System"

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Flame Control System for Waste Oil Burning

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As a waste oil generator, you must be concerned about your "Cradle to Grave" liability and the disposal costs related to waste oil. According to the EPA, you are responsible for your waste oil forever, even if you pay a waste hauler to dispose of it and even though you have absolutely no control over how it is disposed of or how it is transported.


OMNI waste oil furnaces eliminate this liability. By using an OMNI furnace, you use an EPA approved method to dispose of your oil in-house, removing the expense and liability of having a waste hauler handle it.

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