Rust Buster Portable, On-The-Car
Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

  The Rust Buster is a better way to remove rust and corrosion from brake components, ON-THE-CAR! This unique system saves technicians a great deal of time and drastically improves the quality of your brake work.  

Why use the Rust Buster

Save Time
The Rust Buster can be up to 50% faster than a typical angle grinder.

Save Money
The abrasives used in the Rust Buster cost pennies per use. Typical cost for cookie disks or grinding disks are $2.00-$3.00 per vehicle. The savings in disk cost alone can save you thousands of dollars per year even if you only do 2-3 brake jobs per day.

Repair Quality
The Rust Buster only removes the rust without removing any good material. In addition, the Rust Buster can get into locations that traditional wire brushes and cookie disks simply can't reach. Click here to learn how the Rust Buster will improve the quality of your brake repairs.

The Rust Buster keeps airborne dust within the cabinet eliminating concerns of the technician breathing it. In addition, the cabinet protects the technician and his eyes from flying debris. Eye protection is a major concern for technicians using a grinder.

The Rust Buster can also be used as a conventional abrasive blast cabinet. You can use it to remove paint and rust on any part that will fit in the cabinet.

  More information on the Rust Buster is coming soon. Please call us today at (800) 466-5488 for immediate information.  

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