Check engine light illumination is the most frequent emissions or drivability problem faced by automotive technicians today. The most common reason for a check engine light to come on is an evaporative emissions problem.

Evaporative emissions are very difficult, if not impossible, to locate. A diagnostic smoke testing machine, like the Wisper, makes these leaks easy to find. Smoke testers pinpoint evaporative leaks by injecting the system with a diagnostic fog, or smoke, that bleeds through any leaks in the system, allowing technicians to visually see the leak.

The Wisper is a very versatile tool. It can also be used to find vacuum leaks, oil leaks, wind noise, intake manifold leaks and much more...


  • Full set of rubber adapters included to adapt to any system included.
  • Evap port to connect to any OBDII evaporative emissions system included.
  • Included high intensity test light rapidly pinpoints leaks.
  • Safety, unlike competitive models, the Wisper does not use a heat element to create the diagnostic fog. Competitive models present an inherent danger by potentially exposing fuel system vapor to their heat element.
  • No nitrogen required. Competitive models require nitrogen for operation. This is an added expense and hassle that is eliminated with the Wisper.
  • Flow indicator light advises technician when there is fog flow.
  • Recessed gauges are protected from dropping and abuse.
  • The Wisper is "Instant On", no time is wasted waiting for the machine to warm up.
The Wisper offers many advantages over other leak detection machines.
  • Testing pressure. The Wisper has pressure presets of 1psi and 3psi, based on industry testing standards. However, the Wisper excels beyond other test machines by providing the option of variable pressure rate between 0psi and 15psi. Depending on the system you are testing, this can be a huge benefit. The Wisper can find leaks that other machine simply can't find because they lack the power to find the leak.
  • Volume equals speed. The faster you can fill a system, the faster you will locate a leak. The Wisper's flow rate of 15lpm is double the flow rate of other smoke machines. It will fill a large fuel tank and evap system in just a couple minutes.
  • Built in pressure gauges tells you exactly how much pressure you are applying to the system.
  • Built in flow meter tells you the rate of the system leak.
  • Hands free operation allows you to do other things while the Wisper is working..
  • Timer shuts off the Wisper automatically.
  • Sturdy, stainless steel construction is built to last a lifetime.
  • Polarity indicator prevents improper hook-up.
  • Remote switch provides manual operation if desired. This is helpful if technician is working under the vehicle when it is on a lift.
  • Convenient, built-in storage for adapters, hose and power cord.
  • Quick connect fog hose saves time.

Many auto repair shops can not locate evaporative emissions leaks. These leaks are very easy to find with the Wisper diagnostic smoke machine. Proactive shops enjoy excellent profits, with virtually no comebacks, doing evaporative emissions diagnosis and repairs.

Take advantage of the opportunity by purchasing a Wisper today.

Normal Dealer price for the Wisper including a high intensity leak detection light and all adapters is $1,999.00.
Your internet cost is just $1,499.00. Call today!



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