Automotive Lifts has automotive lifts available from several manufacturers.

We generally recommend lifts manufacturered by Force Lift. Force has been building high quality lifts for many years. They are reasonably priced, have an excellent warranty, are easy to install, and have integrated safety features which make them one of the safest lifts on the market today.
Click here to see why we recommend the TPL-9.

Before you consider buying a lift, please think about the following questions.

Do you know what size lift you need?
Most shops prefer a 9,000 lb. lift because they are only slightly more expensive than a 7,000 lift and they can pick-up all cars and most light trucks.

Do you want a 2 post or a 4 post lift?
The 2 post lifts are most popular. They are reasonably priced, and take up less shop space than the 4 post (drive on-lift).

If you like the 2 post lift, do you need an asymmetrical or symmetrical lift?
The asymmetrical style is most popular because it allows you to open the car doors with the vehicle on the lift. However, if you do a lot of truck work you may find the weight balanced better on the symmetrical lift due to the heavier back ends on trucks.

What will you be using the lift for?
General repair
Tires and brakes only
Oil changes only

Most shops prefer a "clear floor" design so they can roll jacks and equipment under the vehicle without any obstruction from the lift. However, low rise lifts are good for certain applications and floor equalizing lifts provide unlimited overhead clearance.

By answering these questions when you request information we will be better able to suggest the right lift for your specific needs. Please e-mail us at for more information.

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