The ALLTOOL Microfinisher is the most durable, easiest to use brake lathe on the market today. It is an industrial quality brake lathe weighing over 700 lbs.. The large mass of the 777 reduces vibration and produces brake surfaces that are Microfinished rather than just resurfaced.  

ALLTOOL includes at no cost, many accessories that other brake lathe manufacturers consider extra charge items.

* Work bench
* Stand and pegboard
* Worklight
* Automotive cone set
* Arbor tools
* Variable speed feed
* Variable speed arbor
* Disk silencer
* Drum silencer

All included at no extra cost!


  Midas is one of the largest brake repair specialists in the world. In 1996, Midas tested and approved the ALLTOOL 777 for use in their high volume shops. Their two year evaluation found that the 777 provided consistantly exceptional microfinish on both drums and rotors. Midas concluded that the mass of the 777 provided vibration dampening benefits not available from other manufacturers at any price.

If the Microfinisher 777 will work for Midas, it will work hard for you!

The 777 provides benefits for the technician and the shop owner alike!

  • Ease of operation means there is little or no training required to use the Microfinisher.
  • The 777 elinmenates comebacks for pedal pulsation because there is virtually zero runout (less than .001).
  • Save time, less than ten seconds are required to change from drums to rotors.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  For more information on the ALLTOOL Microfinisher 777, please e-mail us at e-mail: or phone (800) 466-5488 today.  

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