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FJC was founded to provide automotive repair shops with the highest quality products in auto a/c retrofitting. Since 1993, FJC has become the industry leader by focusing on a/c retrofitting only.

FJC has initiated an aggressive research and development program with three primary objectives for retrofitting.

1) Develop quality products that will provide consistent results no matter what the experience of the dealer.
2) Ensure effectiveness under actual operating conditions.
3) Provide products that are environmentally safe.

As part of the retrofit program, FJC has developed a retrofitting manual. This manual covers virtually every vehicle produced since 1960. Using this manual, technicians will be able to perform basic retrofitting on most vehicles. They will find that some vehicles will perform better than others, and some vehicles will require more extensive service, based on the condition of the vehicle and the climate it is operated in.

The results of our research and development program show that most air conditioning systems will cool as well as they did with R12. Any dealer capable of servicing an R12 air conditioning system can follow the directions contained in this manual and retrofit to R134a with confidence.

All information provided is obtained from tests using FJC A/C Flush Solvent and FJC ESTERCOOL OIL. Using products other than FJC may produce unacceptable results. FJC Inc. has made every effort to insure that the information provided is correct.

The mobile air conditioning industry is experiencing tremendous changes. The conversion from R12 to R134a will have a major impact on both dealers and consumers. FJC is committed to providing retrofit products that deliver performance and life expectancy equal to the original R12 system.

FJC offers only products that stand out in the industry as the most innovative and highest quality available. FJC will continue to add products to help technician's service and retrofit mobile A/C systems.


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